Improved Outage Performance

Syntempo is the next generation nuclear outage management system. This state-of-the-art technology puts your team back in control by streamlining processes and communication across the outage. It delivers critical information to the fingertips of the people that need it, even before they know they need it.

Syntempo is a communication and resource coordination tool. It provides a real-time view of work progress (and problems) in the field, giving your outage team the advantage of “visibility” to what is really happening. With this visibility they are able to make better decisions and more effectively coordinate human resources.


Syntempo revolutionizes outage communication by streamlining collection of information from the field, analyzing it and automatically communicating it horizontally and vertically throughout the outage.


Improved communication means improved visibility. Outage staff are able to see problems and opportunities as they unfold and make informed decisions based on timely information.


Improved communication and visibility, combined with Syntempo’s ready-to-work recommendations enables line supervisors to better optimize their resources and reduce “coordination delays”.

Schedule Adherence

Increased productivity and better coordination means an increased likelihood of executing to the schedule. Syntempo helps mitigate bulk-work bow wave generation and unnecessary risks to the critical path.

Outage Planning

By collecting details of work execution and labor consumption, such as actual vs. planned hours, pre-job brief times and travel times, Syntempo enables improved analysis and planning to reduce the duration of future outages.

Outage Costs

The above Syntempo benefits enables nuclear stations to streamline processes, improve efficiencies and increase worker productivity while reducing certain schedule execution risks thus materially reducing the cost of refueling outages.

The nuclear industry has been demanding a better solution for managing reactor refueling outages, it has finally arrived. Syntempo puts your team back in control by streamlining critical business processes and revolutionizing communication efficiencies across the outage. It delivers information to the fingertips of the people that need it, even before they know they need it, keeping the line and OCC in lock step throughout the outage.

To learn more about how Syntempo can revolutionize your next refueling outage please contact us to learn more.