The Syntempo® Solution

Syntempo is the next generation nuclear outage management system. This state-of-the-art technology puts your team back in control by streamlining processes and communication across the outage. It delivers critical information to the fingertips of the people that need it, even before they know they need it, keeping your team in lock-step and working at peak efficiency throughout the outage.

Key Features

Unified Outage Management System

Syntempo integrates all work order, schedule, clearance and RP data into a single unified view accessible to all members of your outage team from anywhere. Syntempo eliminates the complexities of your existing systems and provides fast simple way for people to find information and make updates.

Real-Time Outage Schedule

Syntempo puts information in the hands of decision makers by providing a live interactive schedule that reflects job progress, delays and problems from the field in near real-time.

Simplified Progress Collection

Outage staff can make progress updates in a few seconds from any computer or connected device. No more waiting on paperwork or meetings to know what is happening in the field.

Automated Progress Collection

If users forget to make their progress updates don’t worry, Syntempo continuously looks at the schedule looking for jobs that require progress updates based on various criteria and follows up with job owners to collect updates.

Automated Schedule Analysis

Syntempo performs continuous real-time schedule monitoring and analysis looking for both risks to the schedule and opportunities to pull work forward. As it detects risks or opportunities, Syntempo will automatically notify the appropriate parties and in some cases recommend ways to optimize work.

Automated Job Alerts

Syntempo’s job alert feature enables users to flag specific jobs that they would like to be kept apprised of. As feedback comes in from the field and the status of these jobs changes the user is automatically notified of the condition change.

Shop and Ops Monitors

Syntempo job status monitors provide the maintenance and ops work control areas with real-time visibility to jobs that are delayed or ready-to-work by their department in the current and next shift windows.

OCC Mission Control Monitors

Syntempo projects information to wall-mounted screens in the OCC increasing visibility to the health of various areas of the outage, identifying both problems and opportunities.

Mobile Progress Collection

Syntempo Mobile collects progress updates directly from the field, performs an instant analysis, and notifies supervisors, schedulers and OCC management as needed.

Multi-System Data Integration

Syntempo integrates concurrently with all major systems involved in nuclear outage management including Ventyx Assset Suite, SAP, Maximo, Primavera, Ventyx eSOMS and others.

Dashboards and Reports

Get all of your outage management reports, KPI’s and dashboard views directly out of Syntempo including activity and labor burn downs, schedule performance indicators, shift work details and issue reports.

The nuclear industry has been demanding a better solution for managing reactor refueling outages, it has finally arrived. Syntempo puts your team back in control by streamlining critical business processes and revolutionizing communication efficiencies across the outage. It delivers information to the fingertips of the people that need it, even before they know they need it, keeping the line and OCC in lock step throughout the outage.

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